Group Facilitator

Hello! My name is Sylvia Don Carlos. I’m an Arizona native, wife to my loving and supportive husband, Adam, and mom of two great kids. We are almost empty nesters. My professional resume includes employment with former hospice agencies and Dream City Church. I have facilitated grief groups for hospice volunteers.  

My beloved brother Anthony died by suicide in January of 2009, eight days prior to his 41st birthday. Anthony was a masters level educator who aspired to complete his Ph.D. and serve as a school superintendent. He was a gentle spirit and loved teaching. Shortly after my brother’s death, I knew in my heart God would call me to do something within the community, I just didn’t know what the something would be. 

I started working part-time for my home church five years after my brother’s death and immediately God began to reveal His dream to start a faith-based suicide bereavement support group. Fast forward to 2019 and the Holy Spirit whispered the name of Healing Hearts into existence. Jesus is the almighty healer and deliverer and I am a testament of God’s redemptive grace. I want to share the hope and love of Jesus within our community by giving individuals an opportunity to meet Jesus right where they are within their loss and grief. Prayer leads to hope, healing, and freedom.  I am honored to be a group facilitator and entrusted with the privilege to emulate the hands and feet of Jesus within our community.

This is a support group for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide.  There  is loss resources in addition to suicide prevention resources -please visit the Book Resources and Suicide Prevention and More tab.

Everyone is welcome regardless of your belief system.  You don't have to be a member of a church or belong to a specific faith. We do not proselytize.  We respect and honor where you are within your journey.  Give us a try so you can begin to heal from your grief, sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, or whatever else you may be struggling with during this season. This is not your new normal and you don't have to settle for these lies.  Healing leads to mourning and freedom is possible when you move through grief and mourning, not around grief and mourning.  

I will not stay silent regarding this subject so that others can remain comfortable.