You’re Never Alone

The day I rushed my son to the hospital, I had no idea he would not be returning home. As a matter of fact, after he was admitted, I went to the store and bought all kinds of sanitizing and cleaning products, and cleaned and sanitized everything thoroughly, in preparation for his return. Despite the doctors’ efforts, Daniel died six days later. Covid-19 and pneumonia were the causes of his death.

I’ll never forget the doctor’s phone call, informing me that Daniel had passed. His exact words were, “Jo Ann, Daniel passed.” I felt my heart sank, and I softly muttered, “oh no.” He then said, “I’m sorry Jo Ann”.  I didn’t know how to respond or react to such unwelcomed news. My son was not coming home, and he was no longer with us. No one could have been more sorry than me. My baby was gone. There was really nothing more the doctor could say. So, after the silence, I thanked him for the call, and with a numb heart, I said goodbye.

The hardest part of my day-to-day life was dealing with the feeling of loneliness. I felt empty without him. Neither Daniel’s brother, nor my sister, nor my dearest acquaintances could fill the void in my heart. Daniel was my gift from God. He was the joy of my life. We had the most amazing mother-son relationship. He had the ability to make me laugh so hard that I would bring forth tears of joy! His openness to talking about anything and everything with me was simply beautiful. It was his love that protected, motivated, and inspired me. He was always by my side, just as I was by his. Daniel was my reflection. Without him, I felt incomplete. But never alone.

You see, I was no stranger to loneliness. Throughout my life, I have felt a great deal of loneliness. And, while Daniel’s death was the most difficult time for me, I never forgot the one who first heard my cry as a child, saw my needs, comforted me, and assured me that He had always been with me. That individual was none other than The Almighty God. While I was grieving Daniel’s death, God reassured me that I was not the only one who had lost someone close to them. We will experience a great deal of pain and loneliness as we journey through this life. This was yet another reality that I had to accept.

It is because of His Love, I’ve been able to shift my focus away from myself. I have dedicated my life to hearing and seeing the needs of others, encouraging, and supporting those who have lost loved ones, and assuring them that we are never alone. One of the things I pray for on a daily basis is the ability to be a blessing to others. Being a blessing to others is a beautiful way of expressing God’s love and saying, “You Are Never Alone,” without even saying it.

The grieving process requires you to address loneliness, which is a major cause of unhappiness. It is a difficult battle to fight alone, because alone we are powerless against it, and our strength is weakened as a result of it. Many people face challenges and discouragement on their road to recovery, and they need encouragement and support. When dealing with loneliness, having someone you can talk to and trust can make a huge difference. Someone who genuinely cares about you and wishes to walk alongside you on your journey. Someone who will never leave you alone.

Many people have had experiences similar to mine. Some have lost faith, hope, and love and need to be encouraged and supported on their path to wellness and recovery. I’ve been able to share my story and God’s love with others by turning my attention away from myself. The greatest manifestation of God’s love is through others. Every day, I ask God to use me to bless someone and to be an expression of His Love.  

As a blessing, remember that “You Are Never Alone.”

Article written by: Jo Ann A. Dumas

20 May 2022

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2 thoughts on “You’re Never Alone

  1. Sa'Tiea says:

    Wow! This website is incredible! Your hard work has truly paid off! I read each of your blogs and I’d like to say thank you for writing these pieces because it allows for others to read them and know that they are not alone in their experiences. Thank you for making this website easily navigatable as well! Great work!

    1. azadmin says:

      Your precious Sa’Tiea, thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. It’s great that you also like this website. I hope that all who read the post will be able to take something away from it. I love you so much, my nana baby❤

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